Fundraiser Auction

Join us Saturday, November 17 for a festive dinner and auction at the school.

Last April we moved into our temporary community center. We are very happy with the new space, but … it is temporary. We are still looking for a permanent space (as described here) and we want to be ready once we find it. This also means we need to have the finances to pay for it.

This is why we’ve already started our XRDS Café, where the proceeds from coffee and baked goods are going into our building fund. But we’re working on more! A team has stepped up from the community to organize an auction, made up of two parts. In the first, online, people can offer their services and skills, while others can bid on these. Think for instance of the flower arranger who gives a workshop, the guitar player who does a ‘living room concert’. This online auction will take place in the fall.

The second part is a festive and formal dinner and live auction on Saturday, November 17, so mark the date in your diary.

You can be involved

– Auction your gifts. Everybody has something to offer. Some are good at baking, others at fixing computers or things in the house. Or perhaps you can offer dance lessons, music lessons or contribute an artwork. The possibilities are endless. After the summer we will let you know how you can contribute your gifts and talents to this community-wide auction. We will auction off all these services, the proceeds will go to the building fund.

– Help us organize the dinner on Saturday, November 17. We need people to help cook, to help set up and clean up again. We’re looking for decorators, musicians, perhaps even stand-up comedians to create atmosphere.

Stay tuned, after the summer we’ll let you know more!


  • When: Saturday, 17 November 2018