Station 1 : Jesus in the Gardens


As you walk find a quiet spot and take in your environment and listen. Reflect on the experience of Jesus, his isolation and dread for what was to come. These questions can guide you:

  • How would you describe how Jesus felt at this time?
  • How would He have felt realizing the disciples could not stay awake with Him?
  • Have you ever felt so alone as Jesus is described here?
  • Have you every moved to a new school or town, and did not know anyone? How did that make you feel?
  • Think of someone you love spending time with/having around – what would it be like if they suddenly were not there anymore.
  • Is there someone you know of that you think might be lonely? Is there something you could do for them?

Locate a bench or high perch and ask your kid to climb on top of the object. Let the kid face away from you with their arms folded. The rest of the family stand behind them and inter-lock their arms as to be able to catch the child. Instruct the child then to fall backwards into your arms. Reflect on the experience.  Now do the activity again, but this time have the family stand further away. The idea is that the child will instinctively know that they can’t do it without their family close by. Please stand close enough so that you can intervene should your kid still want to attempt the fall. Reflect on the experience : what difference does it make to have someone with you in difficult times?


Listen carefully to unlock the the first word to discovering the mystery of Easter. Save your answer as you will need this to claim your reward. 


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Amsterdamse Bos

Amstel Park