Station 2 : Jesus carrying the cross


Nothing can make sense of this passage. When confronted with tragedy our response at best is “we have no words”. Stand still and contemplate the Creator, God, Jesus, would go through this kind of humiliation and suffering. These question can help guide your reflection:

  • Did Jesus have to go through this kind of suffering and humiliation?
  • What motivated Jesus to endure all of this?
  • Is there a Bible passage which answers this?
  • Who are the different people at the scene and what were they thinking? With whom do you resonate most, and why?
  • Does this change something of how you relate to who Jesus is?

Lord, today we mourn. As we look at the cross, we ask You to console us in our grief.

You will need a bag which has some weight. If you brought a plastic bag along, place some sticks/stones/sand inside to give it some weight. Have your children extend their arms in front of them whilst holding the bag. Challenge them to hold it for as long as possible. Once their arms drop, pause for a reflection. What did it feel like keeping your arms up? Did your muscles start to ache? Now connect the experience with Jesus who was forced to carry His cross, and beaten whilst doing it, with no option or relief from the pain. Share with your children how because of what Jesus went through, He can comfort us, as He is able to relate to our pain and suffering.


The following puzzle is called a Ceasar Cipher which means the Alphabet letters has shifted positions. Figure out how the Alphabet has shifted to get a step closer to solving the Easter Mystery.

Cypher clue : mxgik = grace


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