Food Forward

Saturday, 15 August 2020 - Thursday, 31 December 2020


Date: August 15, 2020
Time: When your neighbour is home
Location: Your neighbourhood – wherever you may be!

Sign up and order your dish HERE

When you sign up for this outreach, XRDS will send you a multipurpose dish (ovenschaal) to bake or make something in or to fill with whatever you choose to bless a neighbour with. If you are not native to the Netherlands, how about filling the dish with a favourite traditional dish from your home country? Or if you are Dutch, treat a non-Dutch person in your street or community with a lesser-known typical Dutch treat? Sweet or savoury, tell them about the dish and start a conversation to connect with the people in your community. The idea is that your neighbour can keep the dish, but they need to pass on the blessing by making something for somebody else and leaving the dish with them to do the same.

At the bottom of the dish, there will be a QR code for people to scan that will take them to a webpage explaining what it is all about, so that the purpose and message of the dish will not get lost in translation as it gets passed along from family to family.

Team up with your LIFEgroup, pray over the dishes you will be gifting to your neighbours, pray together for your community and your neighbours and for opportunities to build relationships and share the Gospel. Share with them what you made and how your neighbour reacted to it!



  • When: Saturday, 15 August 2020 - Thursday, 31 December 2020
  • Where: Your neighbourhood - wherever you may be!