Men’s Event: Dutch Game Garden Tour

Friday, 6 March 2020

Join us on Friday, March 6th, for a fun men’s event at the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht!
We are going to receive a guided tour around ‘Dutch Game Garden’, a game-incubator led by JP van Seventer (Managing Director). Together with JP we’ll discuss the opportunities and risks of the gaming industry and how we as individuals and parents can have a healthy attitude towards this form of entertainment. Dads, we would like to specifically invite you and your teenagers to join as this might be a fun (learning) experience for them as well!

Age: 10+, all men and dads with their teenagers (boys and girls) are welcome

Cost: €10,00. Teens are free. Proceeds will go to the XRDS Men’s ministry.

Parking: There is an underground parking garage in front of the building
Consider having dinner around Utrecht Centraal, where there are plenty of nice food places.


Parents, did you know that…

  • The gaming industry generates almost 150 billion dollars worldwide?
  • Mobile phones are the primary gaming device? (consoles only account for 30%)
  • There are over 2 billion people who play video games worldwide?
  • The most popular genres are action (27%) and shooting games (21%)?

What you can expect

  • A tour of one of the most innovate game incubators in the Netherlands.
  • See how game start-ups operate and are developed to successful businesses.
  • Try out some cool gadgets (VR kits, Google Glass, Magic Table and more)!
  • A fun and informative discussion for both adults and teenagers about the opportunities and risks of today’s video games.


About JP van Seventer
JP van Seventer has nearly twenty years of experience in the game industry, focusing on design, art, management and business development. JP was co-founder of W!Games (My Horse & Me) and worked at Davilex Games (KnightRider, Redcat, Amsterdoom), Overloaded (Fantom Overdrive) and Lunagames (Subway). He’s a member of the Creative Council of the Dutch Top Sector Creative Industries, a former member of the GATE game research advisory board, and was a game design teacher at the Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU). JP started working at Dutch Game Garden as a Development Director in 2008, where he supported many young game companies with his experience and knowledge. Since 2014, he is Managing Director, determining the strategic direction of Dutch Game Garden. Every day JP connects, helps and advises countless professionals, starters, and companies within the game industry and beyond. JP and his family are also committed and long-time members of XRDS International Church.


  • When: Friday, 6 March 2020
  • Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Where: Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL Utrecht, The Netherlands