Prayer is a linking activity. It links us to God to receive His power and direction as we pray. It also links our efforts to the efforts of the missionaries to God in His Almightiness, without whose help all such efforts are ultimately in vain. Praying for a loved one, a friend, a colleague or a far away family member’s salvation make us a missionary right in the place where we are praying.

Please feel free to complete a prayer request card at the pray table/connect point and we will partner in prayer with you at our weekly Monday Night Prayer between 19:30 and 21:30 at the Ministry Center. Let us all unite as a church in praying for the unsaved. You may also use the cards for any other prayer requests in general and we would love to hear testimonies of people that got saved due to our prayers (

The prayer request cards will be available at the connect point every Sunday.


We may not be called to go ourselves, but we can enable and support those who are. We would like to bless Cross Over in three ways:

  1. €20 will buy a summer school uniform for one child.
  2. €30 contribution towards a 10000L watertank. Water is supplied from a borehole and when the electricity is off for many hours each day, they have no running water.
  3. €50 contribution toward the scholarship fund that pays for the teachers training of the mentors.


We are looking for the following people to go on mission to Cross Over, Zimbabwe, on July 9-24, 2020:

Teachers – to encourage, support and assist the mentors (helping with lesson plans in all areas of elementary education).
Students (18+) – to assist in classrooms, play games and be an example of Christian character.
Media Specialist – to record and edit materials for mentors training, mobile classrooms and publicity.
Experienced handyman – to supervise and coordinate work around the school.

If you feel that you are called to join the mission, please REGISTER HERE
Closing date: December 1, 2019