Julie Adkins 

Hi, my name is Julie, I am married to Alastair and we have 3 daughters. My husband and I are originally from South Africa but have lived in the Netherlands for 19 years. During this time I have worked as a design freelancer although my primary focus has been on raising and educating our daughters .We have attended Crossroads since 2001 and have served almost just as long. I have helped in various capacities but in recent years my creative talents have been put to use in the children’s ministry. Last year I worked on staff temporarily as Kids Church Coordinator while Hanneke was on maternity leave.I look forward to the serving on staff at Crossroads as the Graphic Designer – my hope is that God will use the talents He has given me to further build His kingdom.


Jacob Kollar

I have lived in the Netherlands for nearly 10 years, but originally. I hail from Australia, however, I am also an Austrian (Österreich, so as to not confuse)—as that is where my father was born. But, that is the straightforward part of where our family comes from. My wife Rachel was born in the USA, grew up here in Amsterdam and her parents now live in Canada—where they were originally from. That means, our oldest son Samuel, who was born in Canada in 2007, is actually Australian, Austrian and Canadian. Our other two kids Vera and Isaac were born here (2009 and 2013 respectively) but are only Austrian… for the time being.For most of our time in Amsterdam we’ve been attending a church in Centrum called Christchurch (Church of England). At the beginning of the year, because of needs related to our daughter (who has a physical disability), we decided we needed to find a new place for our family to worship, and that lead us to visit XRDS a few months ago. XRDS is actually the church Rachel grew up in, so that played a role in us being drawn to it. Her parents were involved in helping grow the church way back in the 90s.

I actually came to Amsterdam to work in Youth With a Mission. With YWAM I worked in a number of positions supporting the community, mostly serving the creative ministries working from the YWAM platform. Prior to working in Amsterdam, I had worked for YWAM in Perth Australia as a youth worker. In that roll I ran events, high school education programs, camps and organised short-term mission trips.Through this job, more than anything, I hope to, or look forward to, connecting with new people. I am interested to see what we can develop through the gifts of the people who are involved with the team I’ll be working with. Although it’s not specifically job orientated, growing, learning and creating within a new community is really key to what I hope for in this time working for the church.

Elspeth French

I am British and have been living in the Netherlands for 21 years. I’ve been married 25 years and have 2 children aged 8 and 12. I have been a follower of Christ for 40 years.I joined Crossroads just over a year ago and have felt very much at home here. I am hoping to support and add value to the team.