week 4: practice mercy

We are doing the shoebox collection differently this year. We have partnered with the Road of Hope foundation that does great work supporting documented and undocumented refugees in Amsterdam.

Let’s show God’s mercy to this group of refugees and bless them with a gift to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Drop-off: 14-20 December. There will be a collection point in your vicinity.

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filler ideas for kids

soft toy, spinning top, car, yoyo, colouring book, skipping rope, ball, musical instrument, dominos, puzzles

Practical items
backpack, plastic mug/cup, small articles of clothing: cap, socks, slippers

Personal care
bar of soap, toothpaste, tooth brush, hair accessories, toiletry bag, play jewellery

School items
notebooks, pens, (colour) pencils, ruler, pencil case, sharpener

Please DO NOT include
perishable foods, items with batteries, items with aggressive images, anything pork/pig related


filler ideas for adults

We would like to treat the women with products they can pamper themselves with, such as, body lotion, hand cream, luxury soaps, candles, chocolate, etc.

Warm socks, gloves, beanies, aftershave, deodorant, sweet treats, personal care items, etc.