Community & Groups


While it is great to be inspired by church on a Sunday, to really live out our lives in faith we need each other. As our large congregation makes it difficult to come alongside each other on a Sunday morning, we gather in smaller communities to discover what is going on in each other's lives, pray together, study and serve. There are many different type of groups in Crossroads.


Many people have told us that they began feeling at home in Crossroads when they started helping out. Our teams serving in the church function as a special community, doing life together but with a focus to serve.

We believe it takes all of us to be church, and all of us are needed to make this community function. We can help you find opportunities to serve in an area that might suit your gifts, skills, passions and personality. We believe that God gave everybody different gifts and abilities to serve the church.

So if you call Crossroads your home, we encourage you to start serving. Our serving teams function as small communities doing life together. Most of the training  is done on the job with occasional training events.

There are many opportunities to serve. Just click on the sign-up button below, if you know, indicate which general area you would like to serve in. We will set up a meeting to find your best fit.



Alpha Course

The Alpha course is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening way over twelve thought-provoking sessions.


For those seeking a deeper understanding we have developed the XRDS Grow courses, they will help you grow into a more intimate relationship with Jesus.

Kairos Course

Kairos is not just a course, it’s an encounter with God and His word – connecting you with His world. An exciting, interactive study on the purpose and plan of God that looks at our world from God’s perspective.


As Crossroads we believe part of why we exist is to make a difference in the lives of others. Crossroads is engaging with the world around us, caring for people in need and reaching out to people to share the good news of Jesus. Everyone can be the presence of Jesus where they are.

Crossroads offers you opportunities to get started.

Engaging with the City

Are you ready to impact your world? Start serving! Crossroads has a close connection with Serve the City in three nearby locations: Amsterdam, Diemen and Haarlem. Several times a year, one-time serving events are organised to connect you with people who need your help. As part of a motivated project team you might be making pancakes for the homeless, taking the elderly on a wheelchair walk or painting walls.

Ambassadors to the World

People visiting Crossroads are on a journey. Some people have taken their next step and are engaging with the world in a special way. These people have dedicated their lives to bringing the love of Jesus to people in need. They serve close to home or in various places in the world, representing us where we cannot all go ourselves. As Crossroads we pray for these brave people and resource them whenever we can!

Short Term Serving Trips

You may want to consider joining one of the several short-term teams that travel each year to bring the good news of Jesus in a practical way, often in another country, for several weeks at a time.