About Us

Welcome to Crossroads!

People who visit us for the first time often comment on how much they enjoy the dynamic interactions among such a wide variety of people. We speak English at our gatherings, and all age groups are represented, including many children and teens, and a large student and young adult population. As you hang around Crossroads a bit longer you will find out that relationships matter to God and we want them to matter to us. Therefore many of us come together regularly in smaller groups which are more conducive for building relationships.

Our hope is that Crossroads will be a place, where, no matter who you are or where you’ve been in life, you can come and experience a life transforming encounter.

Church service

We invite you to join on of our services every Sunday at 09:30 (with children’s programme) or 11:30 at the Hermann Wesselink College.

During the 09:30 service we offer live translation for our Ukrainian visitors.

Unable to attend our live service? Then we invite you to join our livestream every Sunday at 09:30.


Bovenkerkerweg 49, 1185 XA, Amstelveen
+31 20-5451444

SAFE church

Crossroads has high values when it comes to safety of its members and visitors when visiting a meeting we initiated. We have safety regulations for our children’s ministry, teens, and youth. For adults we also embrace procedures that enhance the safety for every person. 

We believe that the leaders we appointed have an extra responsibility to keep healthy boundaries towards the people they lead. That’s why we adopted a code of conduct that Stichting Evangelisch Meldpunt (SEM) provided. We are members of this organisation and if anything goes wrong concerning inappropriate behaviour or harassment, they help us do the right things with professional support. 

We appointed two trusted counselors who are open to receive your concerns and notifications about unsafe or inappropriate behaviour within the church. Don’t hesitate to contact them if anything feels unsafe or wrong.  

Names: Karin Somhorst and Stephan Jonathan
Phone: 020-5451449 

Click here to see the whole regulation.

What We Believe

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Vision & Mission

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Our History

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Elder board

Crossroads International Church is governed by a board of dedicated elders. The elders are elected by the members and serve for a 5 year period.



Crossroads International Church is run by our staff, both part-time and full-time, committed to serve our community.

Angelique Hendarto
Head of Marketing & Communication
Beth Koers
Production Manager
Natalia Lucio
Office Manager
Eldridg Soetanto
Technical Production
Ezra Verboom
Video Production Assistant
Hananje van Biljon
Outreach Manager
Julie Adkins
Graphic Designer
Kuvashnee Naidoo
Social Media Coordinator
Stefan Campher
Head of Community Ministry
Lizelle Nelson
XRDS Kids Team Leader (Dutch)
Melba dos Santos
Youth Team Leader
Nathanie Berkenbosch
Head of Worship Ministry
Neha Thomas
XRDS Kids Team Leader (English)
Nicole Adkins
Facilities Team Leader
Pam Pruijs
Sunday Service Production Manager