As Crossroads we believe part of why we exist is to make a difference in the lives of others. Crossroads is engaging with the world around us, caring for people in need and reaching out to people to share the good news of Jesus.

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The Greek Island Lesvos has been in a state of emergency since 8 September, when a devastating fire destroyed camp Moira and left approximately 13,000 refugees without food, water or shelter. Of the 13,000, at least 2,500 are children.

We as Crossroads, would like to support three organisations working extremely hard to provide the basic needs of these refugees.

The three organisations are:

Movement on the Ground

Movement on the Ground provides food, water, hygiene kits and shelter to the refugees who now find themselves without. They also provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to their staff and volunteers. Once these basics are provided for, they will be looking into the best way to provide more stable shelters.


EuroRelief  has worked tirelessly since 2015 to supply basic non-food items such as shelter, clothing and sanitation. They are playing a crucial role in the mapping of a new site and helping refugees settle into the new temporary site. Donations will go towards basic items such as blankets, sleeping bags, diapers, wipes, etc.

Stichting Bootvluchtelinge

Stichting Bootvluchtelinge is a medical NGO that provides doctors, nurses and psychology services to the refugees. At the moment they are providing emergency medical care to refugees from the trunks of their cars as their clinic has burnt down. Donations will go towards medical supplies and the rebuilding of the clinic.

ways to support


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Lotte ter Kuile is organising Zoom prayer meetings to pray for Lesvos, everyone is welcome to join.
Please send an email to hananje@xrds.nl for an invitation to the next online prayer meeting.

Throughout the year, Crossroads offers various opportunities to get involved in outreach:

Engaging with the City

Are you ready to impact your world? Start serving! Crossroads has a close connections with various organisations in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and other nearby locations. These include Serve the City, the Food Bank, Zending Over Grenzen and a Prison Ministry serving the Zaandam Prison. Several times a year, one-time serving events are organised to connect you with people who need your help.


Missionaries to the World

Some people have taken their next step and are engaging with the world in a special way as full-time missionaries. These people have dedicated their lives to bringing the love of Jesus to people in need. Some serve close to home, others in various places in the world, representing us where we cannot all go ourselves. As Crossroads we pray for these courageous people and resource them whenever we can!

If you are interested in serving or want more information Please let us know.