Cross over

Cross Over is a school, located in Harare, the capital city of  Zimbabwe, and serves children that have dropped out of the regular school system.  Cross Over reaches out to them with their unique program. 

The immediate aim for their students is to restore their self-confidence, establish sound academic foundations and then to help them either re-enter the formal schooling system or into an internship with a local business. The long-term goal is to develop their students to become reliable and productive members of their families, communities and workplaces. 

Their approach to teaching is holistic. They look at every aspect of a student’s life: spirit, heart, head and hands. In Cross Over study groups, faith, values and character matter as much as academics. It is not enough to teach our students how to read and write. We believe we must also equip them for a productive and effective life. 

Cross Over study groups are small, no more than 15 students, and each group is led by a mentor. The small group size enables us to closely monitor all aspects of a student’s life: health, nutrition, their home situation, their spiritual and emotional health and their academic progress. All groups follow the same learning approach, based on a unique curriculum designed to consistently incorporate character, thinking skills and practical skills development into every area of study. 

How we want to make a difference: 

1) Scholarship fund to pay for the tuition of mentors at the school. We have already paid for one of the mentor’s fees to attend the teachers training college. 

2) Monthly support. 

3) Offerings for special projects, such as expanding classrooms and mobile units that can create a classroom anywhere. 

4) Sending teams to assist in practical ways. 

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