I don’t speak Dutch, is that a problem?

English is our shared language. Both the Sunday services and all our courses are offered in English. You will fit right in.


I don’t speak English, is that a problem?

Although you still might feel at home in Crossroads if you primarily speak Dutch, following the sermons or courses will be challenging for you.


Is there translation available?

We do not currently provide translation.


What is the dress code?

Come as you are. Well, you might want to get out of your pyjamas, but we dress casually.


Which age groups attend your church?

All ages are represented in Crossroads.


Is child care available?

During the first service we have a full children’s and youth programme. Care is available for young children in the second service. (second service care is not available during summer)


Where can I meet some people?

A good place to start is to come to the Connect Point in the lobby. We can help you find a group to connect with.


I am not a Christian. Am I still welcome?

You are more than welcome. Crossroads is a place where you can explore faith. We even have a course to find out what faith is all about.

What about Crossroads’ privacy policy

You can read our Privacy Policy here.