ways to give

  • Give Cash donations

You can place cash donations in the offering basket on any Sunday before Christmas. Please put your gift in an envelope marked ’new building’

  • Make a bank transfer to our separate building account NL 73 ABNA 0829 3239 29, Crossroads International Church
  • Give tax deductible in the USA, (please contact the office)
  • Give a five-year gift commitment (periodiek geven)

When you commit to giving to Crossroads on an annual basis for five years, there are several fiscal advantages. In your Dutch tax return there will be no threshold applicable to these gifts, neither is there a ceiling of 10% of your gross income. The gift must be agreed between you and the ANBI in a written agreement. Contact the church office for the forms.

  • Give a periodic gift in combination with a loan

If you want to use the five year commitment as described above, but you want Crossroads to have the money available at the time of purchasing the building, you can loan the full sum to Crossroads now. The loan will be specified in a contract between you and the church, including the obligations of Crossroads to pay back the loan within a certain number of years.

You will commit to giving a certain sum of money to Crossroads annually for at least five years, as described above. The annual sum is the same amount as the annual payment on the loan. Each year the payment of the annual gift is offset by the annual payment on the principle.

For more information about the five-year gift commitment or giving a loan to Crossroads contact the church office at