If you lead a group in Crossroads we want to invest in you.  Every other month we come together as leaders and potential leaders to be inspired and grow together as a leadership community.

Our next XRDS LEAD will be September 15 – stay tuned for more info.

At Crossroads, we want to invest in our leaders to grow in leadership. It is essential to fulfill our church’s vision and help people grow in their faith. We do so by on the job training, mentoring, community and teaching. As leaders we meet together several times per year at XRDS Lead events, annually at a leadership retreat and we organize several leadership development courses, starting in September 2018.

How do i become a leader?

If you are interested to lead we ask that you get involved in a team first. There are many opportunities, welcome team, youth and children’s teams, the worship team, sound or multimedia team, LIFEGroups and more. If you don’t know where to start, come and talk to us at the Connect point,. We’d love to sit down with you and find out where your interests are. Also, if you have ideas of starting something new, come and talk to us.

The leader of the team you are involved with will keep an eye out in the team for leadership potential or if someone is interested in leading. If this is you he or she will ask you to come to our XRDS LEAD events, a great way to connect to the wider leadership community, be inspired and find out about training opportunities.

We ask that potential leaders are part of our church for at least 4 months. We also ask the commitment from potential leaders to do the membership course, to get a clear understanding of what Crossroads is all about. We expect certain requirements from members, these also count for being a leader.

What kind of training can i expect?

There is not really a cookie cutter approach for training, yet there are three ways in which we can help you grow.

On the job
We believe leadership needs to be practiced. We do not want to develop classroom leaders, we want leaders who actually lead. We also understand that there are many levels of leadership, and you can start small. You can start by co-leading a group of children on a Sunday or help coordinate a team.

This, in first instance, practically happens with your group leader. He or she will provide feedback and coaching on how you are doing. As you grow in leadership there might be others who can help you grow in other areas.

This can take multiple forms as well, XRDS Lead is a great way to start, but we also offer courses on leadership. This fall, we are starting the Leadership Learning Community, a program aimed at teaching leaders to take care of themselves spiritually. Other courses will be developed to help you grow in your capacity as a leader. So that you can lead yourself, lead others, lead leaders and ultimately lead ministries. Additionally, specific teams might have specific training to help you grow in your skills.