Safe Church

Crossroads has high values when it comes to safety of its members and visitors when visiting a meeting we initiated. We have safety regulations for our children’s ministry, teens, and youth. For adults we also embrace procedures that enhance the safety for every person. Find out more here.

We believe that the leaders we appointed have an extra responsibility to keep healthy boundaries towards the people they lead. That’s why we adopted a code of conduct that Stichting Evangelisch Meldpunt (SEM) provided. We are members of this organisation and if anything goes wrong concerning inappropriate behaviour or harassment, they help us do the right things with professional support. 

We appointed two trusted counselors who are open to receive your concerns and notifications about unsafe or inappropriate behaviour within the church. Don’t hesitate to contact them if anything feels unsafe or wrong.  

Names: Karin Somhorst and Stephan Jonathan
Phone: 020-5451449 

Click here to see the whole regulation.