As the war rages on in Ukraine, we are partnering with 2 Ukrainian churches who have opened their doors to the flood of refugees fleeing from eastern Ukraine. Both of these churches are well known to members in our community, one is in Drihobych, province Lviv and the other is in Teofipol, province Kmelnytsky.


Ways we can help


Please continue to hold up in prayer our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Ukraine. Pray that they will have peace in the chaos and courage to stand up for what is right.


Periodically opportunities arise that allows us to bless these churches practically. You can find out more about serving opportunities by joining the Ukraine Serving Team on our app HERE

Financial donation

If you would like to contribute financially, scan the tikkie code below or click here to make a donation. All proceeds will be given to the churches in the Ukraine.

Alternatively you can make a bank transfer to either of the accounts below, just be sure to write “Support Ukraine” in the description.

  • NL72ABNA0493013113 (ABN-AMRO)
  • NL11INGB0001316015 (ING)



Your giving has made an impact

(update November 2022) As the energy crisis increased, we were able to bless the church in Ukraine with a number of generators.

(update 7 April 2022) The church in western Ukraine is using the funds we sent through to build a cottage to house extra refugees.

(update 17 March 2022) Through your generosity, we have been able to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine as they reach out to the refugees fleeing the fighting in the east. Our contributions have enabled them to buy food, bedding and hygiene facilities.





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