Professionally, XRDS Business with God is a platform for the business people in Crossroads to network and support each other with their professional expertise, as well as, cooperate with each others for common goals.

Spiritually, XRDS Business with God provides guidance in various formats on how to hold on Christian faith in the work place.

Being Christian witness, XRDS Business with God encourages its members “to reach” other business people (non-Christian) by maintaining our Christian faith and values in the workplace.


1. Encounter Jesus

We are faced with situations and “grey areas” in our working life that can conflict with our faith. XRDS Business with God’s mission is to give guidance and support so we can still stay true to our Christian faith in these situations.

2. Embrace one another.

Within the community, we support and pray for one another, At work we interact with colleagues, business partners, suppliers, customers, etc. and as children of God, we need to act with a heart that ready to give, a heart that believes we exist not for ourselves but for the sake of others.

3. Engage the world.

The work of a Christian doesn’t stop at the workplace, it involves making a difference within our wider community. No matter what our position, we can always make a difference with our expertise and abilities.


To build a community that supports each other both professionally and spiritually. Professionally, providing a platform to network, to open doors for cooperation and to pursue common goals, just like other business networking communities. What differentiates it from other business networking communities is the spiritual aspect where the people support each other to live Christian values in the working environment.

To reach out to other business people by maintaining our Christian faith and values in the workplace.