XRDS Kids offers a fun and exciting age-appropriate program for kids aged 0-11 during the service on a Sunday. Here the kids get to worship, learn, play and do craft activities.


XRDS Kids partner’s with families to help kids encounter Jesus, embrace one another and engage the world in age appropriate ways. We do this to prepare and equip children as they grow in age and maturity within our faith community.

Special Events

Keep your eye on our calendar for upcoming special events like our Family Services, Dad-Kid Camp, and Community Sundays which all offer great opportunities for you and your children to get to know Jesus and experience community.


XRDS Kids makes use of a digital Check-In system for all children under the age of 12. You can Check-In your kids on Sunday using the Church Centre App! [Apple Google]  The App allows you to preselect their age-group and language preference. The App will accordingly provide you with a QR code which you can then scan at one of our Check-In stations after which you will receive your corresponding Name and Security labels.

Name labels provide you with useful information as to where your kids classroom is located, and importantly give our volunteer teams health information about your children and contact information to reach you.

Safety Policy

XRDS Kids values the safety of our leaders and the children entrusted into our care. Therefore we have an extensive XRDS Kids Safety Policy to ensure a safe learning environment and prevent any forms of abuse.

Please send any questions or concerns related to the kids ministry to