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Crossroads is governed by a board of dedicated elders. These elders serve for a 5 year period and every year one or two elders come to the end of their term.  To keep a fully functioning elder board we ask the congregation yearly to nominate people who have the character and skills to serve as elders.

Discover more about eldership in this video.

We would like you to pray and think with us and nominate people whom you think are qualified to serve as elders in Crossroads.

When nominating a candidate, please follow the procedure described here:

  • It is a good idea to start by reviewing the Crossroads requirements for Eldership, which you can find here on the Crossroads web-site.
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  • Download the nomination reference form
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  • Prayerfully consider and fill out the form. If you find that you are not able to respond to all of the questions, then do give special consideration to whether you know the candidate well enough to vouch for them being a good Elder candidate.
  • After filling out the form, please mail it to You will get an e-mail confirmation that your nomination has been received.
  • Following that, the ESC will take this nomination into annual selection process, usually starting in the spring, and results in recommendations to the Elder Board for new candidate-Elders, usually at the start of the summer.
  • The Elders, and not the ESC will announce any candidate-Elders to the community.
  • Please see also the guideline document here, which provides further background for you as you go about making a nomination.
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Thank you for thinking and praying with us.