XRDS Business with God is a ministry within Crossroads International Church for those of our community who are involved in business whether they work for corporates or as entrepreneurs. The main purpose of XRDS Business with God is to be a strong community that supports each other both professionally and spiritually.

How do you live out your faith at work?

We don’t live in a Christian culture and we are reminded of that fact every morning when we walk into the office. Even if you work smack-dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, navigating your faith at work can be tricky.

It’s tough, but it doesn’t mean you should leave your faith at home, nor should we go to the other extreme of preaching to everyone in the break room. So how do we go about expressing our faith at work?

XRDS God in Business offers three initiatives to support and guide how to live out our faith at work and also to deal with “grey areas” and challenges in the workplace. Additionally, we aim to create a networking platform for businesses to collaborate with one another.

Business Mentoring ProgramME

Business Mentoring Programme seeks to engage the XRDS business community by facilitating mentoring relationships between business senior executives and young professionals. The mentors will guide and advise the mentees, not only in their career, but also in how they live out their faith at work. The season of 2019/2020 will be kicking-off on September 28, 2019, RSVP here.

Business Events

Business to Business (B2B) Events
Business to Business events focus on equipping XRDS business people with the tools they can use as Christians in the workplace. These events will also provide a platform to network. The events would take on various forms, i.e. workshop, seminar, debate, dialogue.

Business to Community (B2C) Events
Business to Community events focus on serving the community in our surrounding; helping business people use their expertises to serve the community or a good cause. The events would be in a variety of forms such as Expat Information Session, Startup Workshop, Scholarship, etc.

Business Online Community

To support XRDS business people with related materials, we are building an online community through LinkedIn. This platform will allows the members to share content that strengthen each other, and to network.



  1. Professionally, XRDS Business with God is a platform for the business people in Crossroads to network and support each other with their professional expertise and to cooperate with each other towards common goals.
  2. Spiritually, XRDS Business with God provides guidance on how to express our Christian faith in the workplace.


  1. Encounter Jesus in working life.

We are faced with situations and “grey areas” in our working life that can conflict with our faith. XRDS Business with God’s mission is to give guidance and support so we can still stay true to our Christian faith in these situations.

  1. Embrace other people in working life. 

At work we interact with colleagues, business partners, suppliers, customers, etc. and as children of God, we need to act with a heart that ready to give, a heart that believes we exist not for ourselves but for the sake of others.

  1. Engage the world. 

The work of a Christian doesn’t stop at the workplace, it involves making a difference within our wider community. No matter what our position, we can always make a difference with our expertise and abilities.